I entreat you….no I emplore you….please sign my sad little guestbook. Pretty please. The last person who signed it was dated on Oct. 2002. Please people, have a heart! Haha…

I’m curious to see who has been reading my blog. Who are you people out there. I don’t bite, I love comments and criticism. That’s being bold and saying that people ACTUALLY return to read my blog on a daily basis. Somehow I find that unfathomable.

And so the saga continues. My friend has posed the following question: “want to give it a shot?” “It” being a relationship. A part of me is very much curious to try. Another part, scares me to think of the repercussions. What would happen if it didn’t work out. Yet, his putting the idea out there, has already crossed the invisible (friend- someone to date) line. To answer his simply yet complicated question? That’s just it – I didn’t. I didn’t know how to because I hardly knew the answer.

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