A friend admitted to me of his apprehension for getting involved with me. His reasoning? The sheer thought of my rejection would shatter our close friendship. And although he admitted to not being quite happy with his current strained relationship with his long distanced girlfriend, he was afraid of starting something new and unfamiliar.

Tonight he asked: “when does a relationship cross the point of having a few problems into the area that it should no longer exist?”

I told him that it often depended upon the nature of the relationship and its circumstances. But generally, in my off-natured opinion, a relationship has reached its shelf-life when one party no longer longs to see or be with the other. Only to talk to one another simply as routine or as a formality.

So what are the warning signs of a failing relationship? Similarly, what are the warning signs of a good relationship? How do you know when you’ve stumbled upon a keeper or a loser? *sigh*

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