I’m amazed. Just when you don’t expected the expected – things happen. Like when you’ve given up on people, thinking it is a proven fact that all human beings are predictable. Hell, even mundane. Then they change. And do something to make you think otherwise. Is it me or am I just over-analyzing every piece of shit that enters or envelops my miserable life?

Recently, I’ve been wanting a change. Nothing drastic mind you. Was thinking of highlighting my hair. My hair is so jet black that its actually made M comment that I bare a striking resemblance to the Native American race. Pfffttt. You judge for yourself:

Anyways, I went out and bought something to highlight my hair. Who knows if I’ll go through with it. Part of me is terrified of the following a) damage my hair to no avail, b) it comes out and I positively loathe the color, c) its just fucked up. *sigh* Bleh, maybe I SHOULD go to see a professional colorist like I’ve always done. I don’t know. I just don’t see any logical reason to shell out gobs of money only to look like I had a few streaks put in. Hmmm…

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