Went to a martini bar last night with M. And can I tell you, it SUCKED. Picture it…a martini bar located in suburbia central. Yea, that should of been a tip off right there. But we thought perhaps it would attract a wide variety of individuals. Ecclectic maybe. Guess I was highly mistaken.

A thousand lashes and whips….never again.

As M and I entered this tucked away bartini, we quickly scan the crowd. And to our disappointment, we saw a sea of late 30s early 40s hipster doofuses (doofi?) all grinding to 50 cent. Shoulders shifted up and down. I think I literally felt the back of my neck cringe. As M and I sipped our long awaited martinis, I turned to my horror and saw what seemed to be a hagard blonde lip sucking the life out of a 40 something year old man. Bleh. That was probably around the time the DJ played some form of Nelly song. At that point, I just about had it. I quickly swallowed my martini and left the bar/suburbian getaway/40s pick up place/night club. *groan*

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