Hmmm haven’t blogged in awhile. Guess that pretty much sums up the wretch that I call my life.

On a stupid note:

Lately, I’ve been craving blueberries. I don’t know what it is. Something about the berry smell and taste. The bright indigo color. Blueberry muffins, blueberry yogurt, blueberry bread, blueberry jelly, blueberry sauce, blueberry gum, and yes even the fruit itself. Its a funky craving I tell you. And no, I am not with child. Pfffttt. If that was your initial thought, then I guess in order to impregnate oneself…it only takes the invisible man that sits in one’s apartment. Bleh.

On a freaky note:

I don’t understand the whole concept of my Hotmail account. Is it there simply to collect all the vial pornographic emails sent? I mean everyday I check it….and yes everyday there’s porn. And not just one or two emails. I could deal with that. But I open my mail and I see about 47 emails. I think to myself…”hmmm I’m loved…somebody emailed me – yea!” I look and such subjects as “eat me out” or “sweet amateurs” are among the lovely nest of collected email. And don’t think I haven’t set my filter to the highest degree. It is set damnit! So how does this mess seep in? Who the hell knows. Instead of Hotmail, it should be dubbed as Pornmail. Argh. I really ought to just forward such emails to some of the guys I know. Perhaps it would relieve some of their pent up sexual desires and stop harrassing me. Stupid bastards!

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