So another perfect date/day was experienced. Is something wrong with this picture? I know…I know…I shouldn’t jinx anything. But the only way to describe my emotions right now – is simply this: basically a kid waiting for the explosion to occur. Like a ticking time bomb. Spent a (what would have been otherwise boring Labor Day) with someone. We went to the mall….grabbed lunch at the Cheesecake Factory…walked around ALL of the mall window shopping and semi-bday shopping for his close friend. We finally settled on a candle, card, and a dozen pink roses (she’s a girl). As he drove to her house, I put the gift together – removed price tags, wrapped, and co-signed his card. We walked into the house….gave her the gift….hung out watching movies and had dinner (sushi/thai food) with her and her husband. Returned to his place and proceeded to play with a VERY hyper beagle. The rest? Playstation…..fudge chocolate….and tv watching to end the night. Ahhh its good to be home – but what a great day!

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