I’m one of those freaks that hardly eats or doesn’t want to eat much when she’s happy. I generally eat (in massive quantities) when I’m depressed – so I’ve noticed. I think food became a sort of comforting safe haven for me. Made me feel good and happy. But when you are happy, then whatever you rely on — well it just disappears. So now? I’m just eating because he eats….but I’m never hungry that much anymore. Or could it be that I’ve gone out to eat so much that my appetite has reached its peak? Let’s do a tally of the foods I’ve consumed since Saturday shall we? Salmon burger, berry cobbler, hamburgers, spinach dip, chips, birthday cake, wine, frous frous drinks, crabcake sandwich, bread, fries, cuban coffee, soda, tiramisu, thai food, sushi, fudge, ice cream, breadsticks, buffalo wings…..I’ll stop now – only because you might think I’m a pig. So perhaps I’m not hungry because I am FINALLY full? After 26 years, I’ve actually reached my capacity of food consumption? Nah, that is utter malarky.

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