Being drunk is an awful experience. More so for the drunken bastard that over drinks. But for those friends that have to watch and mother their inebriated chums — its slightly entertaining I suppose. Like last night, I watched as two friends got totally and utterly wasted. In my defense, I made sure they didn’t drive and that a designated driver (untainted by alcohol) would take us home.

Like any other night, you see the oddest things from drunken friends. Words are usually said through being inhibited and unaware of common sense. All I know is there was silly talk about rims of a tire not spinning and then turning – yes it makes no sense. Then something about a bridge (via 4 straws intricately connected together) between a glass of water and someone’s mouth. Sad thing is – they don’t remember any such incidents.

This conversation just about sums up the night:

Scene: Eating food (~4am)
Setting scene: Drunken friend eating something requiring ketchup dipping. Then group waits for check.

Drunken friend (D): *looks down at his white shirt*
D: what the f–k?!
Me: *looks at friend and sees ketchup stains*
D: how did this happen? I love this shirt too!
Me: um you ate ketchup…..don’t you remember?
D: I did? when????

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