You know I saw Kill Bill two days ago — and I don’t know why but it took me about a day or so to fully digest, contemplate, and appreciate the extent of the movie itself.

Looking back on it now — there are no words to describe it. Wait I lied. The movie begins with this f–ked up Nancy Sinatra “bang bang” song. A song you would never pick in a million years to start a movie that, in my personal opinion, plays homage to the likes of all things samurai with a nod to Japanese anime. The appendage hacking is over the top — but when has anime not ever been over the top? Akira anyone?

And just when you thought you were in the clear with just pure guts and gore — Tarantino inputs these snipets of offbeat comedic interludes. For instance, a young Japanese schoolgirl (yes in school girl garb) who innocently teehees her way through the movie — but there is only one problem. She’s a psychotic, murderous freak!

Go see the movie — you’ll come home crying for something wholesome like Mary Poppins.

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