Do you ever feel like you are a little pawn in a huge game of Chess. And no matter how much you try to keep up — you just lose? Or how about – as soon as you get a tad comfortable or mildly content with what is around you — something fucks it up? My friend once told me, “Life is one big wave. You have your ups and your downs. Once you are up, your down is not far away.” I was going to say (with an asian accent) “and Confucious say….”. But aside from that, isn’t that f–ked up?

On an odd side note:

I saw a movie the other night that brought me to tears and at the same time…had me cheering. And that is The Karate Kid. Not the second or third. But the original. Don’t you dare roll your eyes. Stop it……stop it I say.

This is a movie that glorifies the have vs. the have nots. A movie where Members Only-like jackets are worshipped as trendy and not ridiculed. Where guys wore tight short shorts and didn’t feel immasculated by societal standards. Where an old fashioned bully versus underestimated-scrawny-kid-overcomes-all is the universal theme. Damn good movie.

Last and final note. The “crane” scene that (even to this day) gives me the shivers is my all time favorite. I tried this move on a co-worker of mine — I don’t think he was AS thrilled that I actually mastered it. He’s just jealous.

P.S. Why does Ralph Macchio look exactly as he did during the days of the Karate Kid movies? Dude, he’s 42.

What the hell????!!!

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