So how was everybody’s Thanksgiving holiday? Gluttonous? Fullfilling? If so – good. Food is all that is pure and non-judgemental. If I sound like a quack….find a girl who doesn’t agree with me. I dare you!

Ok here is my rant for the day?….week?….month?…..what’s left of the year? Whatever. A friend once told me that she believed that men were all the same. The only difference was obviously – appearance, income, family morals/values, etc. But when you get to the nitty gritty…the crux, if you will, all men are dogs. Plain and simple. Some dogs are sweet when you first meet them….then after time and wasted effort….their true fangs come out. Some dogs are asses when you first meet them….but then you learn and get to know them….find good qualities that no one seems to see – but then they fuck up again and return to shithead status. I have YET to meet a man that has proven me wrong. Come on….bring it on!!!! No such thing. Now I’ll admit, I have my faults and quirks – but for the most part, I’m very easy going. A great girlfriend, so I’ve been told. So why in God’s name, are the losers just coming in full force? Why damnit why???!!! Ya see – I’m tired. I’m tired and annoyed. For a woman, that’s a bad combo for any man to encounter. I guess its that time of the year when we think, contemplate and ponder. The time of year when we walk through the malls…and see happy couples together. Couples that remind ourselves/or me – of the past. I just want to hit them with a beebee gun or throw gum at them when they aren’t looking. Violent thoughts you say? Nah, I don’t think so. Now if it were only legally possible – I’d be having fun making people cry. Poo.

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