Him: “Well she called again”

Moi: “and?”

Him: “I hung up on her”

Moi: “How so?”

Him: “I hung up on her before she could finish ‘Hey how are ya?’ Plus I text messaged her to go to hell”

Moi: “And you think that’s closure for you? Me thinks – no”

Him: “If that ain’t closure Emily – I don’t know what is”

Moi: “You need to start meeting people”

Him: “Ya think?”

People do the oddest things. I am definitely one of them. My emotions go up and down. But in some bizarre way I delight in the thought that others out there are going through the exact same dilemna or emotional rollercoaster – its called life I suppose. It seems no one is immune to feelings of sadness, anger, frustration, and yes fear. Some deal with it better than others. Some unfortunately don’t. Sweet mother these entries are depressing me. Must liven things up.. Will ponder on this and return.

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