So we are about to embark on an upcoming holiday. The day of love. That’s right folks. Valentine’s Day. A day most noted for its maker of candies and flowers. Stuffed animals and all things shiny (i.e. jewels). Must I be reminded that I do not have a significant other? As if my life was so perfect on its own — I have to have a day tell me that I don’t count. I have decided to dub Feb 14th — singles awareness day. May all those who blatantly cheer for Feb 14th fear the wrath of all singles out there. *sigh* Tired I must be. Great, now I’m sounding like Yoda.

Lately I’ve been having very odd and strange dreams. Massive quantities of water seem to be a major theme. And sadness. I always wake up slightly annoyed or hurt. For the most part I can’t put my finger on what is making me have such restless dreams. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I am VERY unsettled in my life. Perhaps there is need for change — a major one. Its frustrating in the sense that one moment, I am happy and content. The next, something wakes me up from my adjulation and I am thrown back down to reality. A friend once told me, “only you can change your life and make it what you truly want…..until you believe this….you will never be complete”. Its been a long journey (at least recently) and through it all, I have a select few of friends that I am absolutely positive will see me through my old decrepid years. When we all separate — I shall miss them. Oh well.

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