Do you believe in soulmates? The idea that each and every one of us has one defining individual meant only for us. Either spiritually, romantically, intellectually or what have you. If so — what if you met your soulmate at a young age or what if you meet your soulmate at the better end of your life journey? What then? Are we doomed in feeling unfulfilled? Depressed or even saddened to know that for most of our life we will be alone metaphorically speaking. I used to believe a soulmate is that one person that you would feel this instant connection – unexplainable to only those who have truly experienced such. What is to say the person we end up marrying ISN’T our true soulmate and that the other person is just out there waiting? This seems to explain why we have an affinity for people that just don’t make sense in our lives or don’t quite fit – but are unexplainablely there. Who knows.

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