So New Year’s resolutions. Get back in shape, get organized…yada yada yada. How many of you out there – have stuck to your New Year’s resolution thus far? Mmmm hmmmm. And how many of you out there — haven’t? Mmmmm hmmm. Every year I try to get in shape — if not get in BETTER shape. This year is no different. However, this year I have a feeling I’m going to be obsessive about it. Like finding that perfect black dress. I think this year it will be the year of the Emily. Its all about me now.

I was breezing through my archived blogs and realized how different I was a few years back…pre-law school. I worked out excessively. 6 days a week. One hour aerobics with 30 minutes of free weights and about 45 minutes of elliptical/treadmill. I accidently ate healthy. Meaning, I rarely craved fried, sweet, or alcoholic foods/beverages. As I recall, lots of proteins were incorporated out of sheer hunger for them. Went from a size 6 (which is decent) to a size 2. Back to a six now — and its alright…but not great. So anyhoo — let’s see how this pans out and evolves throughout the year.

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