So six degrees of Friendster separation – kind of similar to the whole Kevin Bacon game. The idea that you can submit your profile and be connected to or find someone that you know through varying people. Its like one big orgy of friends/bfs/gfs/ex-bfs/ex-gfs… you get the general twist. Spend seconds or hours (in some of my friends’ cases) perusing profiles of others. Peep into who they choose as friends/lovers/whatever. Its insanely addictive, highly narcissistic, and oddly intriguing. Perhaps you meet a person in real life – by way of mutual friends. You do a Friendster search of your friend…find said new person…and bam — you’ve got your own vignette of their small little Friendster world. Isn’t that horrifyingly psychotic.

P.S. Here’s my profile — give me an add if you happen to have one. Good god I’m only perpetuating the madness.

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