W-O-W! My last post was dated in Aug 05′. Yikes! So many many things have been going on in my life — some good and some not so hot. I don’t think I’ll go into much of it though. However, still single……still single.

Recently, I went to go visit a friend in Northampton, MA. My expectations of the place were mediocre and I never expected to feel so comfortable there. But by some odd force — I felt like I was at home. Like I had been missing a world (or area) that I was destined to experience. Massachusetts in general seems to have the mentality that suits my personality – not quite sure how or why I feel this way – but I do. As a result, I’ve been looking and looking at various means of moving there. So we shall see. I think my life in South Florida has peaked and I’ve learned/experienced all that I can. Its time to move on and discover another part of myself in another location/area. Time to let go of the appendage that I used to call home — Florida. Simply put — I’m sick of it all. The superficiality. The fakeness. The heat — my god the brain numbing 365 day a year heat! I crave people who are down to earth. Progressive thinkers – if you will. I don’t expect to find the solution there. However, I think I just hope to change things.

And though I will inevitably miss certain aspects of South Florida…or Florida in general. I know the positives of moving on — is out there.

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