Do you ever feel like you are dating/meeting the same person? If you could combine all the familiar traits (both good and bad) from past relationships and maintain them in every person you date — wouldn’t that mean you are dating the same person just packaged differently. Or worse not packaged differently. Sometimes when I meet people I get that deja vu feeling. And I have to tell ya — its not the kind of deja vu that I welcome. Most of the time its this sick feeling of reliving a past relationship. Or a bad date. I HATE IT! Sometimes I just want to scream, “NOT AGAIN!!!!!” But I then realize that its not the person’s fault. In fact, we hold onto specific feelings/emotions or even memories and when something slightly similar spark those memories — we cringe. At least I do. Sigh. But what drives us completely mad is simply “thinking” about the what-ifs. What if he/she does that and is the same as past he/she that does the exact trait/behavior? This makes me tired.

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