It is currently 6:36 in the AM on a very early Sunday morning. Why am I up you ask yourself? Who the hell knows. I’m sure if I walked over to my comfy bed — I’d surely fall asleep. But for some strange and bizarre reason — I just haven’t. And so I’m up at an ungodly hour searching for the strangest thing online. Well, not THAT strange. I’m in search of the perfect digital camera. In the last two weeks, I’ve visited various electronic stores in the hopes of discovering that special camera. Still, I have yet to be wowed. Sad, isn’t it? I do have a life — I promise you. I swear one day, I’m just going to walk into a random electronic store — completely fed up and just grab anything. All I ask is that the camera be compact or ultracompact with optical zoom capabilities (preferebly 3 or higher). User friendly interface with a nice LCD screen. Is that TOO much to ask? Apparently so. *sigh*

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