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Every now and then I psyche myself up to call my parents to be that pious daughter that “catches up”. This mostly happens on the weekend — preferebly Sundays when I’m home and have absolutely no where to go. But in the last few weeks, I’ve been a bit lazy in my weekly call. So while taking a half day from work to service my car — I decided to do the “catch up” call. And while I normally dread what will be said/what might be said — I always try to keep an open mind.

The conversation today completely floored me. My mom updated me on the lives of cousins in Thailand. Cousins whom, in the past, have constantly tried to compete with me — be it personally or professionally. For me, I had no desire to participate in such competition — therefore being dubbed as a reclusive member of the family. Who am I kidding — my entire immediate family is like that. We just don’t give a shit who married whom, who did what, or who went where. But my mom updated me on various members. The over-achieving female cousin who was the pride and joy of the family (school wise) had become a devout catholic. Yes, after nearly 25 years of Buddhist teachings — she suddenly decided, “Nah, its not for me”, and converted. I guess Jesus was more her buddy then Buddha – go figure. Nothing against the catholic faith but I find it difficult to embrace a religion that shuns human beings for their morality, sexuality, and devoutness. Apparently she found the teachings of forgiving others, acceptance, tolerance, and freedom from suffering a bit put off.

Then there is the cousin who knocked up some girl and had to marry her. The cousin who did nothing with her life but leach off the kindness of forgiving relatives and repays them by running off to Australia. The cousin who, at the age of 45, still lives with his parents — still accepting money from them. Bah — I can’t but be the tiniest bit tickled. I know I shouldn’t chuckle over such gossip — but it can’t be helped. If you can’t laugh at your family — who the hell can you laugh at.

I can’t help but feel that my brother and I are looking pretty damn good right now to the family. Muwhahahhaa…

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