Hurricane Ernesto

So its that time of the year again for south Floridians. Yes, that’s right — Hurricane season. Tropical storm/Hurricane Ernesto is moving along and causing complete mayhem here on the mainland. Schools are officially canceled for the next two days, work (for me) is officially canceled for the next two days. People are lining up for blocks to fill their cars up with gas. Yes, that makes sense – why don’t we waste gas waiting to get gas?

So I realized I didn’t have any of the “official” major storm provisions and made my way to SuperTarget during my lunch break today. Sheer bedlam. People were racing every which way — grabbing water, ice, perishible items, first-aid kits. Water and ice I understand. But first-aid kits. medicine, canned foods? Wouldn’t you have had that from the LAST hurricane scare? You people used/ate it all???!!!

I’ve decided to avoid the mass chaos to fill gas right now and wait until later — perhaps midnight or around that time. I don’t expect the gas stations to be completely bombarded all night long. But I kid you not — there are gas stations all over south Florida with lines curving around the corner — everywhere. Unless *gasp* they run out of fuel. OH NO!!!!! Well, we’ll just have to see. I have everything I could possibly need or want at this moment in time.

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