So I was feeling restless this morning and decided to go to the gym that happened to be close to various asian markets. After sweating out the toxins (both mentally and physically) I went to the stores. First, I perused the aisles for delectible treats or anything that might catch my eye. I ended up buying prawn flavored chips to fry, boba tea drinks, varying canned foods that would be useful in future sauces, and last but certainly not least — Thai desserts. Yes, thanks to my friend Ine who implanted the initial craving.

I bought glutinous rice with durian in coconut cream.

And something labeled ruam mitr. Thais generally call it top tim grob. Why its labeled with such an odd name/description — I have absolutely no clue. Asians always name things very oddly. In fact, there is an entire website dedicated to strange Asian finds —

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