Your space not Myspace

So this Myspace thing is getting completely out of hand. Suddenly everyone and their mother (literally) has a Myspace page. I remember when I first signed up for that stupid thing — it had to have been three years ago. When there was only about 10,000 members – if that. Now its topping off at 100 MILLION members. Complete craziness. People are always talking about it too — and why? All it is – is this silly little area in space where you can add certain friends (old or new) and list various likes and dislikes. How is this any better then a blog? With blogs at least you can tweak it to your specific needs and tastes.

You meet people for the first time and bring up the subject of Myspace — suddenly people get completely excited and gregarious. As if you discovered the secret code accessible to some ancient society. I went to the gym and sat in the sauna — what was the topic of conversation? Myspace. I go to happy hour with friends and instead of being asked for my number — are you on Myspace? Its become so prevalent in our society that it makes me wonder if people will start advertising their Myspace URL on business cards or resumes?

And let’s not discuss the addictive properties of this entity. I have friends who log on several hundred times a day. Friends who log on to Myspace before checking their emails — hell even before having breakfast or brushing their teeth. Is it the voyeur inside of us that craves such stimuli? I wonder how long this will last? Will it be something that people did for a brief second in history — like drink Tab in the 80s? Ick.

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