Take me out to the ballgame….

So I went to a baseball game Sunday. The Marlins vs. the Phillies. The game wasn’t anything special – other then the Marlins winning. No home runs. No crazy fights (that’s hockey). No crazy fights amongst the crowd (again – hockey). Just an insanely hot and sunny September (yes – I said September – it is south Florida) afternoon turned rainy afternoon.

On one side of the stadium you see the following:
See the beautiful blue skies?

And on the other side of the stadium you see the following:
See the foreboding clouds looming off in the distance?

After the baseball game — we trucked down to Miami. Lincoln Road to be exact. Had a few drinks and played a bit on the beach. Then relaxed with a (sorry to say) mediocre dinner at Nexxt Cafe. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say it was a busy night. But I shant return to that specific restaurant. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest. Lincoln Road is notorious for having bland food for shockingly expensive prices. Its all about the ambiance I suppose. Still — I hate being taken.

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