Ray Ray

Whenever I turn to my beloved Food Network channel — I’m always disappointed to watch Rachael Ray and her $40 a Day tacky show. Time after time — I watch her set out to spend ONLY forty dollars for an entire day’s worth of food consumption. Always sickeningly enthusiastic about the food and area to which she finds – Ray Ray is abomidiablely obnoxious. Her choice of food never seems to amaze me. Her bland palette coupled with her preferred taste of mundane Americana foods — its just revolting. I can only watch for a bit — which is a sad testiment to her cruel cruel grip on American food tv.

Well that just about sums it up — I took two seconds to listen to her unpleasant voice — only to hear the following: “Mmmmm that’s so big — almost as big as my mouth” Yes, I’d say that just about sums it all up Ray Ray.

This post is dedicated to Kimmie who is the ultimate Ray Ray advocate.

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