What Dreams May Come

I had a very vivid dream that I was in Paris or some fairly advanced metropolis. It started with aimless wandering — conscious of the chilly weather and me without my coat. I had only a white hoodie to keep me warm and it seemed to be slightly stained at the bottom edges. I was embarassed for my poor choice in clothes. Then suddenly I was sitting on a picnic table with a friend. Someone unfamiliar to me in real life. We were relaxing and being social with various other inidividuals. One specific friend I recognized. She hasn’t been in my life for quite some time (we don’t talk anymore) — but always seems to pop into my dreams every so often. What does that mean? She seemed to be alot thinnier then I remembered and expressed her concern of having some bizarre skin problem.

I decide to take a break from chatting with her and wander to the front of the building where there seemed to be a large glass wall. I looked through the glass wall and saw the city at night. It was beautiful. Breathtaking actually. I decided to leave the building and wander again — only to turn around when faced with the loud noise plagued by the city. I glanced quickly across the street and immediately noticed the French flag and the British flag.

Returning to the picnic table — another friend from the past started chatting with me. Very uncomfortable. In real life I tried to disconnect all contact with this individual. Why are these specific people popping into my dreams? There hasn’t been a reason for me to even think about them. Hmmm..

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