New York, New York

Since my last post was October 30, I suppose I should recap a bit about the last month or so. But that would take way too much time. And I suspect that most people who actually READ my silly verbal diarrhea to the world would not be as excited to even care. And so, I shall write what I’ve been up to in the past week. I have been and am still in the glamourous New York City.

Only, its not so glamorous. In fact, its been down right cramped. Since being here — I have seen and experienced the following typical NYC happenings:

* Took a taxi cab from Laguardia to my uncle’s apartment in Queens. The cab was driven by a Chinese man who spoke little to no English.

* While sitting in the subway, I had the opportunity to listen to an Asian troubador serenading Last Christmas while strumming his red acoustic guitar.
Side note:
The Asian troubador left and he was subsequently replaced by two Mexican singers. One with a guitar, the other with an accordion)
One important side note:
The Asian troubador received what seemed to be one dollar in tip while the Mexican singers received various amounts. Mainly from people of Latin or Spanish descent.)
Coincidence? I think not. Later I felt bad for not handing a dollar or two to my Asian countrymen.

* Walking back from Queens Plaza, I watched camera crews and various detectives interviewing witnesses of a bank robbery/car chase/shootout.

* Strolling through Park Avenue, I happened to see various women carrying the illustrious Hermes Birkin bag (valued at $6700).

* And finally went to the Modern Museum of Art and stood several inches away from famous paintings (i.e. Picasso, Pollock, Rothko, Monet, Kandinsky, Warhol, Gaugin, etc)

Just another day in New York City I suppose. Now back to reality that is Florida — or am I going back to fantasy?


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    27. Dec. 09


  2. Anonymous
    27. Dec. 09

    Nice use of photobucket. My God, your brother does look like A. in that photo!


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