You think you know — you have no idea…

You ever think you really know somebody — and you truly DON’T? As we grow older, as we meet new people — we sometimes think that these very same “new” people might be similar to our old childhood friends. As we learn about new friends, we sometimes realize that they aren’t as reliable as the ol’ standbys. That even through times of joy, sadness, anger — that friends we knew as children are actually our best friends one may ever have.

Isn’t that funny? That the friend you may have made in 5th grade recess — may be your best friend for life. Is it it because we befriend each other during our youth with such innocence and candor that we end up being completely raw as human beings? I’ve noticed that friends that I’ve met during my adulthood — are not as reliable. Fair-weathered friends you might call them.


Its lonely being grown-up.

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