Ikea — the crack store for furniture

I have this new recent fascination with Ikea. Nay, obsession. During my time away from blogging (I know that isn’t much of an excuse) — I’ve been busy hunting for a new apartment. My current apartment, lovely as it may be, has risen in rent so astronomically high that it is has become completely ridiculous to continue staying. And thus, I was on a quest for a new apartment. My holy grail if you will. After searching countless apartment websites and craigslist (I will rant on that at a later time) — I finally found my home. Well, at least for the next 12 months. In short, the apartment is larger in square footage — and amazingly cheaper. It makes no sense I know — but I found it, I claimed it, and now I hopefully shall move into it.

So as I make the mind-numbing transition from apartment to apartment. I pack and sell and buy. Now here comes the obsession. After selling various old furniture items — I’ve come to the realization that I’ve been left with absolutely nothing. I have one bed, a desk, dining table, TV, TV stand, and small couch. And so this is where Ikea comes into the mix. I’ve been waiting and hoping that an Ikea store would open near by. Frankly, other than Crate and Barrel — I absolutely loathe the furniture stores in America. So I found out that Ikea will in fact open here in south Florida — but by Summer 2007. Gah! Yes, Gah!

So now I’m obsessed with their website and debate on purchasing items without even viewing them with my bare eyes. A complete no-no. I’ve spent hours perusing at every item. Googling each item to find specific details outside of the host website. I’ve become so insanely engrossed with Ikea furniture that I search on Flickr for photos of those lucky individuals who have purchased said items — just to see how it looks in their respective homes.

Help me!

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  1. Chiliduck
    27. Dec. 09

    My dresser is from Ikea


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