Coming back….

Well I didn’t mean to take a hiatus — but I suppose that seems to be the case in this situation. What happened to me? Well let’s just say you meet someone, you get caught up in wanting to intertwine/join two lives and live life. In some case, the melding of such a situation actually works and in other cases — well not so much. After a year, I parted from a relationship that began wonderfully — with promise one would even say. But throughout the year, it was met with many obstacles (many of which were avoidable).

Strange. To know someone and spend time with someone in such a way — and then — nothing. Absolutely nothing. Its like, “well it was good knowing you in that very short instance of time….now don’t ever let me know you exist again…..bye bye” Granted, it wasn’t a major love, but it will always follow in some minor part in my heart. They always do. No matter how hard you try to let go or forget, you never do. You always are reminded of them in some small way. And even when years — maybe even a decade have passed — you still remember some short part of the relationship…..the person.

Then what also comes to mind is — do I start meeting someone new? Do I venture out there and let my heart go through the motions of all THAT again? Do I endure another few months….year…….years….of knowing someone and not knowing where it will go or if it will end in the immediate future? You begin to doubt yourself. And you begin to think of all the situations that may or may not have been the turning point in the relationship. Don’t do that. The key when meeting someone new is to not let the muck from the previous relationships taint the possibility of the new relationship. But that’s easier said then done — comparisons are always made. You catch yourself making them — from someone’s appearance to the way they laugh.

One of the concerns as we go from person to person – relationship to relationship — is age. As we get older, some of us tend to look past certain criterias that were once important or crucial in finding that someone. Others go the opposite route and make more adjustments to an already difficult list. In our youth, we claimed the following criteria to be important: looks and a charismatic personality. Now? Stability, child-rearing capabilities, and family have become the focal point to deciding on a possiblity of a solid relationship. Don’t get me wrong — intelligence, looks and a agreeable personality are still up there. But they have suddenly gone on the backburner. In the end, you never know.

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