Change is good

Its that time of year again — the holidays and New Years. A time to reflect on the past and celebrate the future. For many, the New Year symbolizes hope. Rebirth. A time to start fresh. For others, the new year brings an end to old ways, old relationships, old habits. We head into the new year with always the traditional resolutions — lose weight, get organized, learn something. But do we ever manage to actually stick to such resolutions by the end of next year? 2007 marked many happenings — and upon reflection — I’m completely shocked at how many significant events occurred within a span of one year.

As we start from the beginning — I ran a half marathon with two of my closest friends. That followed with my 30th birthday where I saw the Monty Python musical Spamalot. Later, I went to a friend’s wedding which later turned into an un-wedding (canceled wedding and eventual break-up). Next, I went to the opening game to start the baseball season at the Dolphin stadium — a gift to my then boyfriend (you can only imagine where that will go). Months later, the break-up. Then after the break-up follows a slew of events. Went to Thailand, came back to the states, interviewed for a job in Boston, was offered the position, accepted the position, found an apartment which occurred during the World Series Red Sox win, returned to Florida, packed, said goodbye to south Florida. And now — here I am — good ol’ Red Sox Nation. Crazy.

Oh to sum up happenings indirectly affecting my life — my brother got engaged, two different friends got engaged, two friends broke-up with their significant others, one friend canceled her wedding — met someone new and is now planning a NEW wedding, and one friend matched for the only available spot for a specific residency.

Its amazing where life takes you.

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