Pee Sao

Woke up this morning and did my usual email checking — followed by my daily ritual of surfing various web sites. I began to click away — and came across the following profile picture on Myspace. Normally, such things don’t interest me quite as much — but this particular picture I found strange and pondered an interesting question. Does this person who made a conscious decision to get an exotic tattoo — know what this means? Knowing how to read Thai — I know EXACTLY what it says. However, I suspect this individual is probably walking around some part of the United States — most likely proud and eager to show any poor sap his/her “different” tattoo. I mean, its displayed on Myspace for all the world to see for goodness sake. So I entreat you — guess what this may mean. Strength….power….love? Give up? Ok, I’ll tell you — it reads “elder sister”.

Now, why I ask you, why?

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