No regrets?

So recently I’ve been a bit nostalgic for my college days. Those carefree days where my only focus was going to class or squeezing studying time in between various activities. I’ve been thinking alot about regrets and daydreaming about those usual thoughts of “what-ifs” seem to keep creeping into my already neurotic brain. I know we are told to never have regrets in life — to never look back and in fact use whatever experiences we’ve delved in the past to guide us in the present and future. But somehow, I keep thinking — if I could do it all again (specifically in college) — how would I go about my choices. Would I have been a doctor or lawyer? Would I have studied something less typical — perhaps Asian literature and culture? One regret that always seems to linger in my mind — is not being completely social while in college. I always chose to stay at home with one or two close friends versus the usual college party. Oh well.

Speaking of nostalgia — this band certainly brings back tons of college memories. Cake was a huge 90s band most GenXers would remember. Back in the day — I remember having to pay some ungodly amount to see them play. Now? They are a eco-friendly band playing for a free Whole Foods sponsored “Earthfest 2008” in Boston, MA. Boy, have times changed. And boy am I old.

This is a sad picture of a 31 year old woman trying to reclaim her lost youth. Sigh.

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  1. Tia
    27. Dec. 09

    Hot!!! Love the top. 🙂


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