What does the future hold?

Do you ever wonder about astrology and fortune telling? I’m an avid seeker of such things — much to the dismay of some of my friends. I will not mention specific names — but they know who they are. And even to the skepticism of some of my friends — I do not hide this particular interest for said topics: astrology, fortune telling, palm reading, tarot card reading, and psychic analysis. I live for knowing what may or may not happen. To believe that in the end — even when we have much control over the better part of our silly little lives — the cosmic universe has the ultimate and final control. That perhaps no matter what we say or do — even if we believe we have the final word — we don’t. I’m of the philosophy that you feed the growing curiosity to learn about what “could be set” and just continue on what was initially planned (in your mind). I have no specific explanation for my slightly neurotic obsession — only that I tend to fall into a complete mesmerized state when listening to someone analyze my chart or reading my palm.

I became so engrossed in the act of palm reading that after much time and effort studying/reading — I became THAT girl at work. The girl KNOWN for palm reading. And not just random crappy palm reading — specific detailed palm reading. After volunteering to read various co-workers — word spread. Like wildfire in fact. Suddenly, I found myself receiving the “tap”. I’d be preparing a particularly complicated experiment and in the midst of my mixing 0.1N HCl with a buffer solution in order to react with a specific unknown compound — there was the “tap” followed by, “could you read my palm when you get the chance?”. Gah! I was burned out and slowly stopped the readings. I didn’t care to tell people that their palm showed me that they had a oddly strange life line or that they had an ungodly amount of sexual partners. I once told a co-worker she was to meet another man — aside from her husband. She huffed and said that was ridiculous and that she could never leave her husband or love someone else. Turns out — 6 months later — her husband left her for another woman and there she was — alone. I felt bad being right — but that’s what I read. I suppose I warned her — but you take that sort of thing with a little grain of salt.

Recently, I had my Chinese astrological chart done — an although I will not divulge in the specifics of the reading — it shocked me to learn how certain details of my life were written in the stars. Details of my career, personality, family, and romantic relationships were stamped such that a complete stranger could essentially regurgitate the events of my entire life through five basic elements. Fire, water, earth, wood, and metal. Crazy.

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  1. Long
    27. Dec. 09

    Oh god in heaven. Yesterday I had a prospective client call me and ramble on about her case claiming that her stepmother was an evil b*tch and that she couldn't wait until the b*tch died.

    10 minutes in, I told her I couldn't help her. She continued to yap for another 20 minutes. I repeated again that I couldn't help her. She would NOT shutup.

    I was sympathetic and realized how crappy her situation was and then on the 40th minute she said "my psychic told me the b*tch started smoking again and she's going to die in 2 years."

    I was floored. Here was a competent albeit emotional woman who had tons of credibility until she referenced her psychic.

    So Em….don't be that girl. Those Harvard punks will think you're silly and lord knows you want them on your team.


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