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Its that time of year again — Commencement. A time when starry eyed young students look to a vast plethora of opportunity. Their faces are shiny. Their minds are bursting at the seems to tackle the world — the real world. Every day I drive by two of THE most prestigious universities in the country — Harvard University and MIT in Cambridge, MA. Every day, I see countless students go about their day — studying, reading, discussing, pontificating. You can’t help but feel the cerebral energy in the air. Today, while driving home from work — I noticed those gleaming faces were accompanied with other gleaming faces — parents/relatives/friends. All enthusiastic and proud for the various knowledge/degree that THEIR student have accomplished. The adoration for such a treasured moment just seemed to be dripping everywhere. Its a wonderful happy time.

It seems here in Boston, graduation is an intense event. Swarms of parents and loved ones flood Beantown to experience what most Bostonians take for granted daily . They visit the museums, travel the Freedom Trail, and walk along the Charles River. For some strange reason, I never remembered graduation time in south Florida. In this town, however, it seems everyone and their mother holds some kind of professional degree — MD, PhD, MD/PhD, JD, MS, MBA, PharmD, PsyD — the list literally goes on. What is equally astonishing — is that nearly every other person seems to be getting their degrees from Harvard or MIT. Its as if it were easily attainable — like water. One day, I won’t be awed — but until then, my brain still does the mental “wow”.

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  1. Long
    27. Dec. 09

    Why would a woman going into her 40's be so impressed by a bunch of kids walking around with trailing initials?

    You've had at least one course in every single major curriculum those kids have gone through and now you're itchin' to join the party?

    Harvard and MIT are great schools for sure…not knocking them for that… but jesus, it's just WASPY pageantry. Get over it.


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