No More Sweetness

In lieu of my recent move to the greater Boston area — I’ve decided to dedicate a NEW title to the reason for my move. The Angry Little Chemist. I think it suits — don’t you think? I considered a host of options: The Happy Chemist (but that was taken), The Wandering Chemist (but I’m not aimlessly wandering), and The Little Chemist (which led to the title you see before you). With the advent of this new title — I contemplated over various changes to the blog. The nerd inside of me has decided to make a much needed effort in discussing various scientific topics that will hopefully educate as well as entertain. The lazy person inside of me is still deciding whether its up for discussion. Folks, the goal is to try.

The RSS link changed so update your RSS!

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  1. Long
    27. Dec. 09

    You look like an Oblong.


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