I Kill You!

Innocent and peaceful looking isn’t it? Well look closely my friends — this bird is a vicious animal. According to a study done at Wake Forest University, scientists have discovered that this creature — the Nazca Booby — to be a practitioner of habitual siblicide. What in heaven’s name is that you ask? The very definition of siblicide is death at the hands of a close relative or sibling. This form of sibling behavior is attributed to high levels of androgens. Androgens are steroid hormones that have been historically connected to the control and development of aggressive behavior — the most common being testosterone. So is it truly a fight to the death? Sibling rivalry at its most extreme? In addition to such ferocious behavior, these birds continue the aggressive bullying — even seeking prey in neighboring nests. Often biting and pushing according to the scientific findings. Sounds somewhat familiar to that bickering we tend to do with our own brother and sister right?

The mad scientist in me is curious to test this scientific theory that increased androgen levels leads to aggressive behavior — arguments/fights and perhaps ultimately death? I’d be interested to take chemical samples of human beings during aggressive periods of anger to see how androgen levels have spiked and correlate it to different stages of behaviors. Anyone want to be my subject?

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