“I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me….”

The internet has always been an addictive tool for my (yes, I’ll admit to this) stalkerish tendencies. However, in recent years, it would seem vehicles such as Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook, and Myspace only fuel — nay assist that humanistic behavior. But where do we draw the line? Do I REALLY need to know that a stranger or even friend just “bookmarked two pages on del.icio.us” and what those specific pages were? Do I need to see what pictures a complete stranger uploaded to their Flickr account most recently? If you are confused — the answer to these questions SHOULD be “no”. However, the voyeur in me and (I can only assume) the voyeur in all of us — is somehow fascinated by this form of exposure. We click our little hearts out to see what people are doing next: reading and experiencing. We’ve become so technologically connected that we feel comfortable enough to reveal every aspect of our lives to perfect strangers. As a result, it has become acceptable to be virtual peeping toms.

The litigious and slightly paranoid part of my brain tells me that this is a horrible legal situation just waiting to happen. The scientist in me sees psychological ramifications as a result of such candor. And the lethargic portion of me can’t grasp the desire to take the time out to read every little minute action or detail of the lives of others. But then I read blogs by individuals like Chris Pirillo and Emily Chang who are basically ALL out there and are exclusively defined by the internet sites they register or subscribe. Granted both these examples are what you might call typically techno/geek blogs — however, the basic concept of voyeurism can be felt.

I fear the day when I have a following on FriendFeed or Twitter to something like this (below):

Emily posted one message on Twitter
“going to sleep”
1 minute ago

Emily posted an entry on The Angry Little Chemist
I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me….
20 mins ago

Emily favorited a video on YouTube
Dave Chappelle – Grape Drink

35 mins ago

Emily posted one message on Twitter
45 mins ago

Emily posted one message on Twitter
“@ zappos buying more shoes that I DON’T need”
1 hour ago

Emily posted one message on Twitter
“at home”
2 hours ago

Emily posted one message on Twitter
“working on some sort of scientific experiment”
8 hours ago”

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