Internal harddrive: Unbootable

So the unthinkable happened to me. The one constant in my life. Sadly, my lifeline to the world. Yes folks, my computer crashed. It went kaput on me at approximately 11:30pm Wednesday, July the 2nd. Like most harddrive crashes — it was quick and swift. The emotion was mainly horror, followed by complete and utter numbness. I may even think the color drained from my face. Although, I have no proof as I was in a comatosed state. To make a long story short — I am without a home computer for what will be approximately 1-2 weeks. Or as I like to call it — eternity. I have purchased a Dell Inspiron 1525 replacement with a front like below:

Isn’t it gorgeous?

So until that glorious day my laptop arrives — what do I do? I suppose I could catch up on the stacks of novels and books I’ve piled on my bedside. It is quite amazing at how much work can be accomplished when you eliminate the computer/Internet/chatting. There seems to be so much extra time allotted for varying activities. Cooking, cleaning, exercising. MORE sleeping. With the elimination of said machine — working on projects at home no longer is possible — hence, stress is completely annihilated. How lovely!


  1. emily
    27. Dec. 09

    In order to get the harddrive retrieved by someone like Geek Squad — it would of cost me ~$300+. Made no sense as I wasn't in dire need for anything on my old laptop.

    I thought about getting the Airbook — but the very thought of learning to use the MAC was irritating.

  2. Long
    27. Dec. 09

    I can't believe you didn't get a mac. You are after all becoming quite the New England Hipster Yuppie.

    Dell sucks.

    Why didn't you take the hard drive to the shop to have the data extracted?


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