Updates and Randoms

1) My laptop has arrived!
2) T is currently squatting at my place as she gets situated in glorious Boston.
3) I’ve been well fed as a result. I gorge on delectable food masterpieces every night — prepared by T of course. The photos below are pictures pre-feasting.

Even though this somewhat ties into the food genre — I believe it should have its own random aside. So recently, I’ve been trying to maintain a pretty diligent awareness to the nutritional value of the foods I’ve consumed. Eliminating any discussion regarding alcohol consumption — I’ve tried to be conscious on fruits, vegetables and various protein items purchased. For instance, did you know that watermelon is low in calorie, packed with tons of vitamins and minerals, and is one of the rare food sources for citrulline? Citrulline is an amino acid used in wound healing and cell division. Simply put — it helps in the boosting of energy, prevention of muscle fatigue, and the overall assistance of the immune system. And here I thought it was a filler fruit mainly composed of useless water.
One of the many drawbacks to living in a non tropical environment is the limitation to tropical fruits. One fruit that I never leave without consuming when traveling to Thailand and that is nearly impossible to find in the United States — is the mangosteen. Rich in antioxidants, fiber, and folate — the mangosteen has been shown in various research studies to aide in the fight against leukemia. Part of what now has been dubbed a “Superfruit” — the mangosteen is amongst a list of other varying fruits with benefitial nutritional properties. Until recently the mangosteen along with several other Thai tropical fruits were barred as imports into the United States. However, in a June 2007 article published by the New York Times, it seems the tide has indeed changed. YEA!

On a more environmentally scientific note – scientists/engineers/officials in Europe are discussing plans to create a Solar Power plant in the Sahara. The proposed building would be the size of Wales and able to power all of Europe. The wind and geothermal power would be fed through a 5,000 mile electricity supergrid and would result in 20% reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Why can’t the United States think of such lofty endeavors to promote clean energy and independence from relying on resources such as fossil fuels? I don’t think we necessarily need a large solar power plant but putting solar panels on buildings and homes would significantly reduce the over consumption of electricity.

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