An apple a day…

Now and then I get an intense craving for something. Sometimes its a salty craving. Sometimes its a sweet craving. The craving usually ranges from the common attainable foods from fries to the not so common (often seasonal) foods — like apple cider donuts.

For those of you who have not had the distinct and glorious pleasure of tasting such tasty delights — do so one day. My memories of eating those moist and cakey desserts are definitely fond. I remember cool nearly autumn days of wandering around in the orchards and picking apples from hundreds of trees — as far as the eye could see. Then bringing bags of collected apples home. And although the apples were one of the highlights — the cider donuts literally bring tears to my eyes. As we get close to autumn and as apple picking season begins to draw near — I’m giddy with excitement to experience (once again) those childhood memories. I hope (for my sanity at least) that I’m not disappointed and the experience as well as the feasting of the donuts — rekindles those happy times.

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