Seasons of change

Every year, the National Weather Service — National Hurricane Center releases its estimated list of hurricane/tropical storm predictions. In the last three or four years, it seems that it was one big hurricane after another. A great deal of my work days were spent wondering whether we would be let out early to brave the incoming storm — or even better — have a day off completely. Ah, as sadistic as this sounds, I miss those hurricane threatening days. I usually sat at home relaxing, napping, eating. I somehow managed to convince myself that unhealthy food (i.e. junk food) was the only resource to my hurricane supplies. One year, I (and a friend) ignorantly walked outside my patio to experience the feeder bands only to realize later that the pressure from the winds somehow locked the sliding glass door. So in the midst of a hurricane, we were locked out of my apartment. Miraculously, after several hours, the door eventually opened. Another year, one hurricane caused a significant amount of damage to my area (knocked down power lines and trees, torn rooftops, damage to automobiles) — but I was lucky to have power returned within a day whereas friends incurred power outages for weeks. And oh yes, I actually posted a blog during one of my hurricane moments.

My last year in south Florida — 2007 , I spent much of my time with a brief moment in Thailand in a surprisingly calm and quiet hurricane season. And although I thanked my lucky stars that nothing came our way — I wondered if my last season would be a relatively boring one. Oh well. Boston definitely showed me who’s boss when I was welcomed with three major snow storms within weeks of each other — “Hello New England!” It was as if I went from one violent natural phenomenon to another.

In the wake of Fay making its chaotic path through all of Florida — I made a mental “thank you” and was glad to be rid of those pesky hurricane seasons (June 1 – November 30). Now I look forward to (well maybe not so happily) snow days. Until then, we’ve been given beautiful weather — lovely sunny skies and moderate temperatures. I spent last weekend at the beach with T trying to compare the pros and cons of Massachusetts beaches versus Florida beaches. Cape Cod seems to be the South Beach, if you will, of New England. Where the rich and conservative play and sunbathe. I have yet to make a trip down there (Cape Cod and Nantucket) — but soon.

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