A new beginning…

So its been quite awhile since my last post….August 2008 — YIKES! Not much (sadly) has occurred other then the changing of leaves and drop in temperature. Winter is in the air and I can almost smell snow inching – nay, creeping up on us in New England. I’m excited for the ski season to begin and the holiday decorations to start appearing throughout various homes. I’ve already overdosed on pumpkin everything (coffee, cake, cookies, etc). The cold weather seems to bring out the nesting/hibernating side of me.

On a more current note — tomorrow is THE DAY. November 4th, 2008. An estimated 130 million people will be voting tomorrow. Apparently a record 80-90% of registered voters will visit the polls. Where do you side on politics? Who do you want to take the reigns for the next four years? That seems to be the question on most everyone these days. For what normally is a private matter — political preference — has now changed at least for the past year. The next 2 days are going to be quite interesting. So wherever you live — whatever your political agendas may be — let’s hope its a smooth and fair transition — whomever wins (*cough cough* OBAMA!).

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