A change is a comin’!

Something has been happening to me at the start of this new year. I’ve become increasingly aware of what I put into my body. You probably are asking yourself — isn’t that a given for most people? For the most part — I try to leave a somewhat healthy life. Now understand that my definition of healthy (in the past) was enjoying a good (not necessarily) healthy meal with friends which often included some form of alcoholic beverage (i.e wine/beer/cocktail) and followed by coffee/dessert. So healthy (to me) meant being happy.

There is something that has changed about me this year — now that I hear the calls of 32 slowly creeping around the corner. I’ve become increasingly aware of how my body reacts to certain foods, certain physical activities, etc. I try to snack on edamame and carrots versus nibbling on salty snacks. I’m constantly buying fruits that satiate my hunger for more vitamin C and other necessary fibers. I entreat my friends for long leisurely yet beneficial walks. In short, I’ve become my parents. However, hard as I tried to prevent it. Ignore it. Go against it. This is what I’ve become. In a way, its a bit hilarious. All these years battling against them over my career, the way I handle my finances, my personal life, and even the way I consume my food –in the end, its inevitable. We simply become our parents. On some levels — I hope I’m a more evolved version of them — but this is to be observed in the next upcoming years.

And so — nearly 7 whole days into the new year — what have you done? Have you kept your resolutions? I’ve tried to maintain some level of carrying it through. Here are some of my resolutions:

1) Be more diligent about healthy eating
2) Exercise more. Or just exercise (in my case)
3) Read all books purchased and never read from last year
4) Borrow (library!) more books to read
5) Remove all items of clothing and donate
6) Organize apartment and minimize
7) Cut down on exorbitant spending
8) Travel. I know this goes against exorbitant spending but its a cost I’m willing to accrue
9) Work harder at work
10) Try to complete list above.

Phew, that was a long list — most of which is do-able and so let’s see if by the end of the year I’ve maintained this list well.


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