Spring sprain?

So I sprained my ankle while skiing on a (I’m ashamed to admit) easy slope at Wachusetts Mountain. What is most humoring perhaps is the previous weekend I skied at Stowe and suffered absolutely no injuries. Not even a single bruise. Large mountain = no injuries, pitifully small mountain = rough injury. Weird. So now after nearly 2 months of aches, pains, and soreness — I am able to do mild to slightly active exercise. Have you ever twisted/sprained your knee? It definitely makes you appreciate how healthy one can be without injuries and take advantage of one’s youth and vigor before it begins to fade.

On a much lighter note — I traveled to Washington DC this past weekend to see the last bit of this year’s cherry blossom festival. All I can say is breathtaking and beautiful. After an arduous winter, it was certainly an awakening of the senses to see DC in full bloom. Tulips, blossoms, daffodils were all over the city. Boston is still in a transitioning period between winter and spring — so we seem to be patiently awaiting warmer days and blooms of flowers/foliage that generally blanket the city this time of year. Soon. Very soon. Sigh.

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