Cars, needles, and drugs – oh my!

I received a tetanus shot and a handful of muscle relaxers today. “Party favors” as my doctor so nicely described them. Let me explain. The day began with a crazy start whereby the front bumper of my car is now a little bit bruised and broken ala fender bender. Poor thing. My car has been through alot. We first met during my junior year in college — and its been with me from Atlanta to Tampa, Tampa to Ft. Lauderdale, and now Ft. Lauderdale to Boston. I’m hoping it will be repairable and not worthy of being tossed into a heaping pile of junkyard heaven. Oh well.

The other half of my day was mainly spent taking the day off and making my previously scheduled doctor’s appointment with my PCP. My visit with my PCP always amuses me in that I always find something new about her. During our last encounter/visit, I learned how she managed to excel through medical school (Ivy league school I shall not mentioned) while managing a crazy social life while being partially drunk through much of it! The partially intoxicated aspect was something she could of left out but c’est la vie.

During today’s visit, I learned my PCP leads quite a crazy life of medical television interviews in cities such as Phoenix, Tampa, and NYC. While jetsetting she manages to train for half marathons, marathons, and triathlons (such as the Iron Man triathlons). She skis, swims religiously, maintains a solo private practice and raises two young children all on her own. I have to admit, a sudden feeling of being unaccomplished and lazy washed through as she lectured me about my injured knee and whether I received a tetanus shot in the last few years. I’ll admit the tetanus comment was a bit left field in nature — but true to form — I needed one. She rambled on about traveling including the many dangers of what I could contract overseas and here in the US. So by the end of the session, she gave me a shot and a handful of muscle relaxers just as a preventative measure for whiplash or minor neck injury from the early morning fender bender.

So now I have to make do without a car for a day while I go through the process of appraisal and repair. My options: walk to work = 4.6 miles to and from or take the T (train) and suffer pangs of the rush hour crush. Argh!

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