New Look…..yet again….

This time of year tends to bring about my desire to change things — particularly my small little blog here. And so (as you can see) — here is my new look. Not necessarily so angry and not necessarily science themed — but has it every really been? To that end I’ve recently been inspired to redo my apartment or more accurately — inspired to reorganized/purge and decorate in a style that will create something of a sanctuary and peaceful place of rest. As a result, while taking refuge at my parent’s upstate NY home — I’ve been researching/surfing on various design ideas to create a more inviting home for myself.

Here are some inspiring looks that I’ve come across.

Obviously, the mood or color scheme I’m currently loving is in the purple/raspberry/indigo family. I love the contrast between clean white and crisp backgrounds with pops of ethnic inspired prints and silk textures. I’m truly drawn to Moroccan, French, and South East Asian pieces.

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