C’est La Vie

So I’ve been listening to the Amelie soundtrack in addition to various other French music and its really putting me in a Parisian mood.  Does that even make sense?  I just want to fly to Paris, read a book, sip coffee, and enjoy the sites and sounds of the romantic city.  One day.  Maybe in 2010?  Sometimes I wonder about my life and the choices I’ve taken in terms of career.  I wish I were talented musically instead of just being able to appreciate it from afar.  I’d love to be able to sing/make music, paint — create.  Perhaps if I just pushed myself in playing the violin, guitar, piano?  Oh well.  I suppose my lot in life is not so and that I’m merely here to enjoy the fruits of labor that these magnificent artists churn out for our enjoyment.

Then sometimes I wish I were born n a different time period.  Something a little more retro — as if my soul is yearning for what it needs — a slower pace, a closer connection.  Yes, I’m rambling — the new year is slowly approaching and thinking about the past always gets to me.  Listening to old music makes me nostalgic.


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