The comforts of home

As a child, I was what you might call a finicky eater.  If it didn’t appeal to your average 6 year old — it wouldn’t have a place in my belly let alone mouth.  Living in an Asian-American house (specifically Thai-American) — you grow up with dishes that (at the time) didn’t appeal to your average American palette.  I wanted nothing to do with curry, spices, coconut milk, or anything strange from the Southeast Asian region. But as I left home for college, I found myself craving and even looking forward to those very same dishes I once loathed as a child.  As a result, my journey home is generally a tantalizing smorgasbord of all things I miss from my childhood.
There are certain dishes I generally see during my holiday treks home.  Certain comfort foods that would delight the senses and taste buds.  One particular dish I never used to care for while growing up was my mom’s sweet potato in ginger syrup dish.  “Eat this — its good for your body and circulation,” my mom would say.   This year was no different from her preparing it.

Sweet Potatoes in Ginger Syrup
2-4 sweet potatoes
8 cups of water
Brown sugar
Peel and rinse sweet potatoes thoroughly.  Cut in quarters or modify to your preference..  Slice ginger and add to boiling water.  Let sit to infuse –  you may strain if desired.   Add sweet potato quarters to water and let sit until tender (~20 mins).  Add brown sugar to desired sweetness.  Serve hot or at room temperature.

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