My not-so-secret Secret Obsession.

Earlier last year (2009) I bought this during a shopping spree with my friend S in one of the shops in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury area.

I use it on occasion.  To work or out shopping when need be.  But before purchasing said bag — my friend S said to me, “Its cute Em.  Very you.  But do you think you really need that?”  I looked at the tote and for a split second thought that I was above the age of being excited over all or anything Hello Kitty.  But obviously, my obsession for the cute cartoon overpowered and I surrendered to my familiar love.

Honestly?  I have to admit — its not exactly my FIRST Hello Kitty bag nor is it my FIRST Hello Kitty purchase.  I’ve loved this cute character since my first exposure at the ripe ol’ age of 5 somewhere along the streets of NYC’s Chinatown.

Somewhere along the maturity growth of human beings — we decide that certain objects or obsessions are beneath adult adoration.  We decide to opt for mortgages and car payments, bags and clothes that represent a more adult persona versus something whimsical and childlike.  We poo-poo those that devote themselves to video games and cartoons even as adults and tell them to “grow up.”  Why is that? 
 I for one refuse to let go my love for Hello Kitty and anything that keeps my thoughts and spirits young.

P.S.  Happy New Year friends!

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